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Black fin Tuna print

Studio Osa is centered on creating lasting impressions of sea life each representing the reality of the original specimen. On one level they are simply realistic documentations of the specimens that preserve the fish forever, but we also see these prints as crossing a fine line into art in that they provoke people to appreciate their unique and evocative beauty. We work mostly in our studio on the Osa Peninsula but also travel around the coast in search of specimens.  As a body of work, our prints also serve to illustrate the biodiversity of our oceans.  The paper actually touches the animal and its DNA is included as part of the art.

We started exploring processes and materials and our first prints weren’t at all fit to show, but we were encouraged by what was being produced and so we developed some unique methods that produced satisfying results. We always work together and keep each other inspired, which keeps the “experiment” constantly alive. 

I think our science training has given us an attention to details of anatomy which shows up in the art. Our knowledge of the sea has generated a much deeper appreciation and respect for our subject material and as a practical matter helps us find specimens we’d like to print.

We hang many pieces around the hotel we run together as we feed the guests our catches. We’d like for the public to look closely at our art and notice details in the animals that they might not have otherwise noticed.  Some of these sea creatures are shy or deep in the ocean and the prints can allow people to experience sea life that they might not have opportunity to see alive. We are both avid freedivers and spearfishers and have strong feelings for the conservation of the creatures in our work. Our connection to the ocean is also what connects us to our artwork.

Rooster fish print
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