Elizabeth & Leonidas

Long before the invention of the camera, Japanese fisherman made fish impressions to document their catches. Elizabeth and Leo adopted this practice to commemorate what they spearfish to feed everyone at Leo's hotel, The Jaguar's Jungle on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Spearfishing is a necessary part of life in the most remote coastal jungle of Costa Rica​ where there are no roads or grocery stores. With an entire hotel to feed, they can often be found out on the water diving to depths between 40-100 ft to bring back food for the week.

Elizabeth and Leo began experimenting with fish prints to show people at the hotel which fish they were eating. It gave people much more appreciation for the creature that died for their nourishment by seeing what the animal looked like before they ate it.  After placing original prints throughout the hotel, guests and employees became interested in the process and people started buying the prints. Thus lead to the creation of Studio Osa.

Equipped with degrees in biology and environmental science, the couple uses their knowledge to create scientifically correct works of art and educational pieces.

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1 km North of the San Pedrillo Park Station, Corcovado, Costa Rica

+506 8361 2047