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branding + web design + social media

The Jaguar's Jungle started out as a bare bones hostel in the most coastal jungle of Costa Rica. The rustic accommodations were only suitable for an adventurous clientele, and their internet presence went no further than a Facebook page featuring videos of the owner holding boa constrictors that had made their way into the kitchen.

After years of building renovations and hiring a full staff, the rustic hostel had turned into an eco-lodge in need of some serious re-branding. The goal for their website design was to portray a mid price range lodge that would attract young couples and families that are looking for an adventurous experience in the rainforest and the ocean.

The ideal client would be someone interested in doing activities as opposed to just sitting on the beach since the goal is to sell tours and food, not just a hotel room.


logo design 

The Jaguar's Jungle needed a logo that incorporated a jaguar in a fresh and unexpected way. They wanted the logo to represent a unique place where people come for an adventure of a lifetime in their stunning rainforest location. The logo also had to be versatile so they could put it on clothing, walls, coasters, and any other merchandise you could think of.

the jaguars jungle logo.jpg
The jaguars jungle logo.jpg

font + colors + mood

I chose Cinzel as the main font family for the brand.The typeface merges the classic history of the latin alphabet with a contemporary feel. This font is perfect for a rainforest lodge that merges rustic natural elements with a contemporary style in their interior design. It also conveys the feel of an old story with gives the feeling that one is about to be lead through an adventure of some sorts. 

The lodge is characterized by its location between the pacific ocean and the primary rainforest, so it seemed only appropriate to choose a color scheme for the brand that represents this.




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