Are you dreaming of an idyllic independent retreat to restore your creative soul and kick start your process in paradise?

Get in touch and let me know what you are dreaming of! Contact me to discuss options and possible available dates.

Retreats available

January - August 

Short term retreats offer working artists a chance to work independently and in workshops with Elizabeth and Leo, on specific projects or techniques, while having access to a working studio in an exotic tropical location.

Immerse yourself in the last coastal primary rainforest that exists in the world! Learn about the amazing miracles of nature that most only see on Planet Earth! 

Disconnect from the distractions of life and embrace your creative abilities. We have very little connection to the outside world making Studio Osa the perfect place to concentrate on your creative outlet.

6 days – open studio time with available materials 

Retreats Include:

  • housing in a private beachfront cabin

  • 3 wholesome meals a day

  • access to a beachfront studio

  • 130 acres of primary rainforest to explore

  • rainforest guide

Have a special group that wants an adventure?

Organize an entire class of friends, (6-8 people) and receive free accommodation and workshops!

To find out about studio availability and costs contact me.

Things to do at Studio Osa

In addition to the studio, there is a huge list of things to do right here on the property. Check out this list and the lists on The Jaguar's Jungle Lodge website.

  • Corcovado National Park Expedition

  • Sportfishing Tours

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Trips to Cano Island

  • Kayaking

  • Horseback Riding

  • Yoga

  • Climbing

  • Private Beaches

  • Whale & Dolphin Watching

1 km North of the San Pedrillo Park Station, Corcovado, Costa Rica

+506 8361 2047